Russia Reform Monitor No. 2463

Support for "United Russia" continues to plummet;
Russians still uncomfortable with Sputnik-V;
Another spill in the far north;
Duma looks to ban Navalny groups, allies;
RFE/RL appeals "foreign agent" designation in European court;
U.S. lifts sanctions on Nord Stream II construction

Russia Reform Monitor No. 2460

May 7, 2021 Matt Maldonado, Arianna G. Guerrero , Ilan I. Berman

Russia urged to stop attacking independent media;
RFE/RL in hot water with state censors;
Proposed bill to block Navalny supporters from elections;
80,000 Russian troops remain on border with Ukraine;
Court to hear Navalny lawsuit against Kremlin spokesman;
Sputnik light cleared for export