Defense Dossier

The Modern Battlefield, Revisited

October 25, 2022 Dee McHardy, Margaux Miller, Peter Garretson Issue 34

Assessing the Non-Kinetic Battlespace

Space as a Factor in Future Conflicts

Biotechnology and Today’s Warfighter

The Future of Wargaming

The Future of Defense Learning and Development

Europe and Russia’s New War

July 13, 2022 Sydney Duckor, Dov Zakheim, E. Wayne Merry, Victoria Coates, Elizabeth Robbins Issue 33

NATO’s Old/New Mission

Assessing Germany’s “New Era” in Foreign and Security Policy

Confronting Europe’s Energy Insecurity

Is Europe Getting Serious about Russian Disinformation?

For Ukraine, Necessity Is the Mother of Invention

The Americas influx

December 31, 2021 Celina Realuyo, Christine Balling, Joseph Humire, Jose Gustavo Arocha, Kylie Skorupa, Christina Armes Hunter Issue 32

U.S.- Mexican Security Cooperation Faces the Future

The Causes of Colombia’s Crisis

Examining Russian and Chinese Military Operations in Venezuela

Iran’s Lasting Ambitions in Latin America

Latin America’s Authoritarian Wave